Design Sprints

The Design Sprint is a step by step five day process for solving big problems and testing new ideas. It was developed by Google Ventures and is used by companies like Slack, Netflix, and Airbnb to make faster progress.

A Design Sprint is always time-boxed and therefore helps to compress what would normally be months of time, into a single week. It's intense and productive, but fun at the same time.

One major goal in the Design Sprint is to create a realistic prototype. The prototype makes ideas tangible and specific. This opens up the opportunity for real customer feedback and data before making any expensive commitments.

Basic Process

  • Monday: Defining the challenge and picking a target
  • Tuesday: Sketching solutions on paper
  • Wednesday: Making decisions and generate testable hypothesizes
  • Thursday: Building a high-fidelity prototype
  • Friday: Testing the prototype with users