What we stand for

Values are common knowledge, that is shared across the company. They help us to make better day-to-day decisions and to create alignment between what we do and what is important for us.

We realized that values are often defined, but tend to get lost when the daily routine kicks back in. Therefore we aim to establish a fixed routine for every value we want to internalize. Using this approach we can make sure, that we keep our values at a high priority.



It's not easy to stay calm when you set out to build a company with a small team. What is easy though is to put in another hour, invent time hacks and to be busy all the time. This causes stress that spreads like an infection throughout the company, to clients and homes. It's, of course, impossible to get rid of stress, but it's possible to prevent stress in the first place. This in return leads to a more healthy and productive work environment.


Reliability for us means, that stick to what we communicate. This implies to everything we do, whether it's internal or external, big or small. By being reliable human beings we can create an environment of trust, where we can be playful, productive and innovative.


We believe that mistakes are the best teachers and being open, vulnerable and honest is the best way to unlock hidden potential. This means that we treat praise and criticism in the same manner and try to speak out what is important. And not what feels right. By being more honest with ourselves, the company and clients we can be truly cooperative.


The world is changing at a fast pace, which opens up new potential every day. By being innovative, we can use the latest knowledge and tools to explore new paths. To do this we have to stay up to date, curious and open to share and extend our knowledge with others.