How we work

Working hours

A normal workday at Crisp Studio consists of eight working hours. We believe that 40 hours a week is plenty of time to do great things. Working more hours should be reserved for emergency situations and does not help to improve results in the long run. The opposite it the case, working more hours sets wrong expectations for both clients and employees and creates an unhealthy workplace.

Working environment

We are currently working and operating from the DigitalHub Aachen, Germany. The DigitalHub is a Co-Working Space located in a beautiful church that was built in 1907. It is also a place, for other startups, makers and interesting companies to meet and exchange ideas.

Although we like where we are working, we don't force people to show up at work. Everyone is free to work from home, the beloved coffee shop or any other place that suits the work that seems suitable.

There are of course exceptions when it is appropriate or even necessary to meet-in-person. This is, for example, the case when we are conducting a Design Sprint with a client.

Time management

To produce work at a great level it is necessary that everyone has the freedom to work on something for extended time blocks, with full concentrations and without distraction. Therefore we value each other's dedication to their work and keep interruptions to a minimum.

One way in which we try to achieve this is to have a strong infrastructure and tools to support asynchronous communication (e.g Slack, Asana, Github). As a rule of thumb, we use asynchronous communication most of the time, and synchronous communication sometimes.